Can the Abundant Corporation Exist

Remember the days of the GFC and how all these poor executives were crying “why?”

Well let’s talk about the psychology behind the GFC in a way that perhaps regular cognitive analysts just can’t or won’t get his head around; the spiritual, emotional, and psychological side.

Money speaks a language, its a language that is as old as time itself; and yet time knows no boundaries with abundance. Abundance as we come to understand is a language of its own also, but speaks perhaps a more genuine language than money. Money can be defined as a unit of energy exchange. As an energy, money simply provides usefulness to buy and sell goods and services; an exchange. As an energy, abundance simply is the fundamental economic assumption of having seemingly unlimited human needs and wants in a world of limited resources; like non-scarcity.

Money has a secret unconscious language that is largely developed by emotionally powerful desires. Consequentially powerful desires are generally not satisfied, perpetuating further emotional desires. Money is the legal tender of desires. In reality money is simply a piece of paper with a design on it, but power of this piece of paper interprets desires as fulfillment of the respondents.

Abundance has been assumed an “airy-fairy” concept that our world revolves on shared resources philosophy. Shared resources is considered ‘airy-fairy’ in context of socialist principles. However, the abundance philosophy which has her roots deep in the psychology of Synchronicity is rather like an acausal principal of applied physics and the law of attraction. The depths of abundance psychology is the inter-connectedness of the collective unconscious and the understanding of the law of attraction.

The law of attraction and applied physics understand that everything is energy; and this is the same principle of money being an energy. Everything is energy is explained through Einstein’s formula  for the relationship between energy and matter E = mc2. Einstein explains that energy and matter are interchangeable; that everything is Energy – thought, dance, emotions, fluid ever-changing energy. Energy is shape-able, form-able, and mold-able. We are creators who shape, form and mold the energy of the Universe through our thoughts, feelings, and actions; generally subconsciously. Subconsciously we transform the energy of our sensory perception into feelings that generate thoughts, that generate the energy action, into the reality we experience.

Understanding how these principles work enables people to bring into our lives everything we want. The basis of these principles is the inter-connectedness of everyone, the foundation of the collective unconscious.

The collective unconscious provides psychological, emotional, and spiritual understanding that the universe contains no separation, and everything is fluid and constantly changing. To understand this is to understand we are the creators of the universe, as god made man in his own image we need to understand that man is god. Religious dogma however, preaches blasphemy to compare ourselves with god.

But, Einstein says everything is energy prior manifestation of matter E = mc2. Carl Jung says the collective unconscious is the foundation for developing synchronicity. The ancients, the scholars, all philosophize the meaning of life is built on existing knowledge, creating second-hand knowledge. The formula for the meaning of life is contained within life itself; the inner. The inner penetrates the mystery of life containing the solution of life within life.

Life’s solution of the universe, found within her creation. In the beginning when god created the universe, the method was written like a recipe for our intrinsic learning. A learned, forgiving god knew one day that man would need to recreate a universe as he had done. Mankind’s goal, to recognize himself in gods image; to save himself through creating a new world; from the spiritual method of creating form from formlessness.

Time needs the spiritual formula for creating a thriving world now. An abundant thriving world. Time calls us to remember the godliness of ourselves to create now.

The earth, the ocean, the primordial darkness are ripe for creating the the whole universe now.

The spiritual universe of abundance is a world of invisible energy constantly flashing into and out of existence, remember E=mc2. Energy equals mass x light squared. Existence transforms our energy into observable reality through our thoughts. Our thoughts need to be conscious, concise, light and empowered that we are creators of our lives and of our world.

The Global Financial Crisis

The emergence of the internet and world wide web created a massive knowledge shift in power bases in the collective psychology. No longer were the masses vulnerable to being dumbed-down by media; people starting thinking for themselves, and having opinions. This created a learning culture throughout the world, the likes of which the world has never seen before. The masses grew in intelligence in a way that challenged traditional methods of media and advertising.

The world had become a learning culture unto itself. The incoming generations were nurtured and groomed to be themselves, trust themselves, questioning governments, questioning authority, questioning media; no longer were the masses gullible. The world population reached critical mass of understanding the truth about social conscience, corporate greed, consideration for others, environmental issues, power mongering, controlling governments, abundance; and like the French revolution began to assume a new way of thinking that the Universe is Abundant and why were people not sharing.

The greed of corporations, the greed of media, and the demand of social media created a new way of thinking that people need to share, and sharing is abundance. This new thinking promoted truthfulness and saying what we mean to build relationships; rather than treating them mean to keep them keen to enslave others.

Enslaving others and capturing them is the corporate philosophy. This corporate philosophy is a divide and conquer attitude that simply does not work in today’s world. The rules changed at the time of critical mass, and corporate need to be cognizant of this. The outdated conquering attitudes of corporations are of ownership and slavery; driving people to the brink of survival for the company. Often the very same company whom abandons the slaves who built her. The psychology of the brink of survival borders the psychology of creation. Generally creation will emerge out of survival when people have the understanding of how to. However without creation knowledge, survival psychology reverts to animal instincts for survival which is often called ‘Top Dogging’. Animal survival instincts are to kill the alpha dog to assume top dog position; with trust no-one attitude for inevitably we will eventually be killed.

The traditional corporate psychology of survival and top dogging needs to understand how the psychology of creation functions to assume an abundant culture.

When we look at traditional corporate psychology we can understand the spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical imbalance of most corporations. The imbalance of gender, the imbalance of fairness, the imbalance of responsibility, the imbalance of resources, the imbalance of remuneration, the imbalance between top and bottom, the imbalance between ignorance and intelligence, the imbalance between those making decisions and understanding the business, the imbalance of responsibility, the imbalance of generational and multi-cultural diversity, etc. As a rule of thumb the corporate structure needs to equate the head with the body of the organization; that is to say whomever is boss should be the equal-sum in mind of the of the collective body of subordinates.

Traditional corporate psychology generally equates an out-of-touch Board of Directors who are territorial because they enjoy the benefits of their position; simple survival psychology. The insecure survival psychology trickles-down to the collective body an insecure survival culture, while the Board who demonstrates their own high performance trickles-down high performance culture. Similarly a depressed, anxious, chaotic Board trickles-down the same. Therefore the Board who trickles-down a genuine culture of care for her people fosters a healthy human care culture.

Of course we understand the importance these trickle-downs have on the front-line business, through customer service. Of course the customer service either builds or breaks a Corporations’ reputation, and consequent business results.

Does your customer service reflect the Corporate culture you want to show your shareholders?

This was the destructing principle underpinning the GFC. Too many corporations espousing survival psychology dominoing negative spiraling effect on corporate culture, customer service, shareholder opinions.

When will shareholders recognize and assume their power to enforce dethronement of non-performing boards? And when will Boards professionally develop themselves to be secure in their position to trickle-down security to their Executive? And when will Executive recognize the creative benefit of balance of; gender, fairness, responsibility, resources, remuneration, between top and bottom, ignorance and intelligence, between those making decisions and understanding the business, responsibility, generational and multi-cultural diversity, etc.

And when will Corporate recognize their global social and abundant responsibility to others and the universe; can we avoid another GFC?

Ms Kylie Prince is a Corporate Psychologist and Executive Director of the Collective Leadership Brand, who specializes in Corporate Psychoanalysis. Kylie may be contacted by email

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